Friday, September 16, 2011

MFW Highlights Wk3 Creation to Greeks

Theme for our studies this week....

After the Flood
Most of the history we will learn this year will have occurred in a small part of the world, sometimes called the Bible Lands. The kids drew a map of this region and used the following silly story to help remind them.

A man went fishing one day. This is the front of his boat. His fishing lines are hanging down from the boat and they got all tangled up. The man looked over his boat and fell into the water! These are his two fingers under the front of the boat. He sent up a distress signal to call for help-a balloon with a string, and a mitten tied on the end of it! In this corner is the head of a huge water bug, with two long feelers coming out of his head.

E.T. purrs in the red nile med
(Euphrates, Tigris, Persian Gulf, Red Nile, & Mediterranean Sea)
This saying was to help them remember what most of the areas they drew were called.

Noah’s Descendants

The kids mapped the migration of Noah's descendants.

Tower of Babel
Ok, so they don't compare to the Tower of Babel daddy built last year.  We had fun playing and constructing!

Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia
We learned that the Sumerians were the first to create a written language after the flood.  Do you know what Mesopotamia means?? Well we didn't and now we do.  It is the land between two rivers (The Tigris and the Euphrates).  Scholars believe that Sumer is one of the oldest known civilizations in the world and that Ham (Noah's son) was the grandfather to Nimrod who they believe founded Sumer. 

Greek for the week....
Photos - light

Kids re-enacting one who is photophobia.
For phototropic and photophilia we dug up a plant from
the back yard, hence, the reason why it doesn't look so great and 
watched it turn towards the light.

We have been discussing mammals in science.  For this weeks assignment they had to choose a mammal of their choice, read a book on that mammal, write a report and draw a picture. 

For Micah and Lauren they used the following notebook page

Family Read Aloud....
We finished
Amy and Her Brothers  -     
        By: Sarah S. Baker

Moments to cherish....
  • Lexi is now pooping on the potty. Woo Hoo!!
  • The last two weeks Lauren has put up our grocery cart along with all the other baskets that were left out in the parking lot. She is just like her daddy.  Two of his pet peaves is when people don't put their basket in the cart return or when people just lay things up on the grocery shelves instead of placing them back where they got them from.
  • Watching daddy jumping on the trampoline with the kids.
  • Hannah is not my child who is usually in the kitchen cooking with me, but she really enjoys making the Challah bread.  She asked to make it this week.  Lauren and Hannah measured, rolled, and braided the dough all by themselves.


  1. Love the photophobia picture...too cute. Thanks for linking up and sharing your week.

  2. what a great week!! i love the photophobia picture, too... adorable!!!!! your moments to cherish at the end are so sweet!!!!

  3. LOVE all the detail you post! Love that you mapped the migration of Noah's descendants and your use of the greek work photo. :D


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