Saturday, September 17, 2011

Treasure Others Above Yourself

The lesson for the 1st and 2nd graders at church was to treasure others above yourself.  One of the Bible verses they used was Matthew 6:21.  This is a topic that we have really been focusing on especially this past week in our house.  The wheels started turning as I listened to the lesson.  I thought this could become another great visual aid and hands on approach of dealing with selfishness in our house. So I came home and started putting it all together.

The kids could read the verse on the treasure box.  Then we could talk about what is happening in their heart.  Are they glorifying God or are their own desires causing them to be dragged away by sin. Allow the child to ponder it and tell you who his/her actions are glorifying.  When our first treasure is in Christ then our actions will reflect Christ and He will be glorified.  In Romans 12:10 it says to love and honor others above ourselves  (Romans 12:10).

Next, I will have the kids write on a small piece of paper what their want is (being 1st player, not wanting to share, who gets the first sandwich or the last bit of milk, 1st down the slide-you get the point) and then they are to PUT it on the shelf. 

Then, they are to write how they could put the other person above themselves and insert it into the treasure chest.

We will then PRAY and put into ACTION the idea they placed into the treasure chest .  treasure chest enlarged to put together    Put your wants on the shelf and ......  the heart with cross and children  the treasure chest with Bible verse

  • Print out the words, cut and laminate.
  • Print out the heart, cut.
  • Print out the treasure chest with scripture, cut.  Then along the bottom right corner of inside part of treasure chest cut an "L" shape.  Basically along the edges.  You are going to put the heart a little inside the slit, so it looks like the heart is actually inside the chest (make sure to glue it).  Then you can laminate.
  • For the brown item that they will put their wants in, I just cut a rectangle out of construction paper, folded all 4 side up a little, then cut slits on the ends and folded one side inside another and glued.
  • Be sure to print the treasure chest on card stock, cut and glue. 

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