Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Prison My Reward" by Christopher D. Manley

My brother who is serving time in prison recently wrote this poem. My husband and I thought it was powerful and wanted to share it with you.

There's thousands around me, yet I'm all alone
I live in a place that sends chills through my bones

Something in here just doesn't feel right
There's devils and demons when I turn out the light

The nights are long and the days are slow
Will I last 9 years in here, I don't believe so

There's thousands around me yet I'm all alone

This place is cold, made of concrete and steel
Death and decay is how this prison feels

I don't really know my girls and it hurts real bad
Some guy I don't know, is who they call dad

My life has been empty, it started ages ago
The sadness I feel, I try not to show

I'm tired of this journey, I want to move on
When I get where I'm going, my pains will be gone

Jesus promises me life, thats what He will give
So I'll follow His path, cause I want to live

When I leave the world saved and heavens my home
There will be thousands around me, I'll be no longer Alone.

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