Monday, May 16, 2011

Tactile and Dressing Boards for the Little One

I had a few projects going this weekend and below are some of them.  I was lucky enough to have a friend come over and help me knock it out in a day.  All the items used for these projects were right here at home, I didn't need to go out and buy anything.  Use your imagination, get creative, and see what items you have laying around for a tactile board. has a sensory texture board with lots of ideas, too.

My dd who is almost two is a very busy and curious little girl, which can make some days of schooling a little difficult.  We have several hands on learning toys around the house for her, but I needed a all in one package to intrigue her and keep her little mind busy for short periods of time. 

I plan to make laminated descriptive vocabulary cards to go along with the tactile board.  Once I get those done I'll post them too.

 Velcro strips, satin, lace and beads, tissue paper, organza, foam shapes, aquarium rocks, feathers, sequins, sea shells, flower, buttons, rocks, cotton balls, aluminum, strips of ribbon, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, artificial leaves, and wool.  (Be mindful of your child's age and personality when choosing your items/in others words are they going to yank it off and stuff it in their mouths)

Lace and tie, several types of belts, buckles and buttons, a zipper, and velcro strips.  Even my 4 yr old and 7 yr old were playing with this one.  Of course my dd's little hands can not manipulate all these yet, some are easy while others are more advanced.  Hence, the board will keep her busy hopefully for a few years.

Well I hope I inspired you a little or gave you some ideas to intrigue your little one. 

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  1. this is fabulous~! i work with kids with autism...i'm going to make this for our classroom. thank you!


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