Sunday, November 21, 2010

Galveston Half Marathon

This year I trained with my friend Kim for the Galveston Half Marathon. We joined forces with some running buddies and formed the team (Marrow)thoners-Race for His Grace in support of His Grace Foundation, a local children's bone marrow transplant foundation associated with Texas Children's Foundation.

We were honored to meet Gracie at the start line and to have her and her family cheer us on throughout the race.

So I hung with 8:30/mile until about mile eight, than this little engine could not chuga chuga choo choo any longer at that pace.

Tray, the kids, and Clint cheered us on the entire race.

I was so proud of Kim, she hung with the 8:30/mile the entire race.
Way to go Kim!
At about mile 12 there were several twist in the race. I kept thinking to myself is the finish line around this turn and to my disappointment about three times it wasn't. Finally, the finish line was in sight and let me say I was relieved.

The race seemed more difficult than our last practice run. My goal was to beat my last time of 1hr 54mins. Sadly, I didn't beat my last time, but I'm glad I atleast came in under 2 hours.

Thanks Kim for training and running the Galveston Half with me.

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  1. That is awesome Brandy-I am so proud of you! YOU can do anything!


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