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MFW Highlights Wk1 Creation to Greeks

Week 1 MFW Creation to Greeks
Homeschool Wrap-Up

Theme for our studies this week.... Days of Creation 
 As we were studying creation I thought it only appropriate to include in the lesson that in Genesis 1:1 it is written, "In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  In English, it is God, but the Old Testament was written in the Hebrew language and in Hebrew his name in this verse is Elohim.  Elohim means strong, mighty, powerful creator.

For an experiment I cut several pieces of paper and labeled them 1 - 7.  We put the 7 pieces of paper in a small paper bag, Hannah blew up the bag and twisted the top.  She then proceeded to shake the bag and pop it.  We dumped out all the numbers.
and as you can see they did not fall into order in a straight line, nor were they all right side up, nor lined in order from 1 - 10.  How will the numbers get in order?  Only if someone puts them in order.  Order doesn't happen by itself.  Our world is that way, too.  Someone had to create the world and put it in order.  That someone is God, Elohim, Strong Creator.

Greek for Week….

Interesting facts we learned…
While we were playing animal charades Hannah and Lauren taught Micah and I about a new creature, the leaf fish. Of course, I didn't guess it and it wasn't because of their acting.  Hannah then began to  tell us that when a leaf fish is in danger, it stops swimming, turns on it's side and floats.  It looks like a dead leaf.  It even has a stump that looks like a leaf stalk.  After acting out the animals we had to say if they were vertebrates or invertebrates to go along with our studies in science this week.  This year we are wavering from our curriculum and went with our own choice of God's Design World of Animals.   
The Sabbath symbols and their meanings:
The candles should be placed on a table in the room where the meal will be served,to spread light over the night. Idea taken from Genesis 1:3-4: "Then God said,  "Let there be light"; and there was light.  And God saw the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness."  One candle represents "creation" and the other one "redemption."
A goblet of wine is placed on the table.  A sanctification prayer is recited by the father over this symbolic cup.  The wine symbolizes life.  It also symbolizes Christ's shed blood. 
The bread called challah, a term used in the Old Testament for new dough, which was a requirement to be presented as a "gift to the Lord" (Num. 15:17-21)  For our Sabbath dinner we made our own challah.  As a tradition the mother prays for each member of the family as she stirs the mixture, kneading in her love.  I loved doing this part. 
The cloth covering is symbolic of the dew that was around the camp when the Israelites woke up in the desert and were reminded again that God does provide.  When the dew evaporated, behold, there lay on the ground manna, God's provision of bread. It is even more meaningful when we remember God's provision of His Son, who said,"I am the bread of life" (John 6:48).

We visited grandpa…. Street racing at its finest.

I loved seeing….The kids playing together during break time.
Lauren helping Micah with piano. Micah has been begging me to begin lessons the past month.  I was happy that the music teacher was able to fit him in right before Lauren's lessons.

Something new around the house...
The kids tend to argue over who gets to sit by daddy, so in order to resolve this matter I added to their daily chores (you can find the download on the right side bar) setting the table breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Each day I rotate who sets each one.  Lexi has a desire to help and does quite a good job!  Don't you think?
Place mats first.
Then the bowls (we were eating beans and cornbread).
Spoons to the right.  Learning how to set a table and
differentiating between her left and right.

A sweet moment....
Barb and Larry came by to visit and bring Lexi the rest of her birthday gifts.  Lexi pulled out the crayons and told Barb, "Barb color."

Our Family Read Aloud...
Amy and Her Brothers

Favorite Hands on Project...

The Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown every Friday.  Known as Shabbat (shah-BAHT) in Hebrew, the word means "rest."  Shabbat is one of the earliest of Jewish traditions.  By resting on the seventh day the Jews believe that they are honoring God.

We did not observe all of the Jewish Sabbath activities.  We only partook in the Friday Sabbath Meal. 

Earlier in the week we made our centerpiece the oil float.  We made a star for each family member.  When making this Lauren said we needed to make 7.  She reminded me that I said Keika would always be a part of our family. So in agreement we thought it was appropriate to have a candle for Keika. All of the flames, even though they are separate, share the same source, symbolic of the family depending on God for strength and life.

We started this afternoon making our challah (KHAH-lah), which turned out delicious.  The girls did a wonderful job helping to make this.  For dinner we prepared fish, carrots, and rice to go with the challah.  The kids also made candlestick salads. 

"And it was the Preparation Day and the Sabbath was about to begin." (Luke 23:54)

Friday Family Movie Night....
We watched the tv series The Waltons episode Separation.


  1. I love how you explain your Bible lessons .. they all have purpose and point to the Father God. It nice to see your kids doing chores. My girls have chore list too. Your photo collages look nice.

    Thanks for linking up. Kattie at will be hosting this Thurs link up.

  2. Wow, looks like you had a great week, love the street racing! I like you collage too! Thanks for linking up and sharing your week.

  3. I REALLY enjoyed your blog...your collages are beautiful. We are doing CTG also. I loved the way you explained 'order' with the numbers you dumped out - what a great way to explain that!


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