Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fairfield State Park - Camping

Our family wanted to take a trip to visit my brother at Coffield Unit in Tennessee Colony. It is about a three hour drive so we decided to do some camping. A little crazy one might think, since it was in the 30's at night. We chose to stay at Fairfield State Park, a great choice, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking.

The visit with my brother went well. The kids told him knock knock jokes, Lexi gave generously of laughs and smiles. He said that our visit and letters meant a lot and that they help keep him going. It really is nice to have my brother back in our lives.

We took a two mile nature walk around the lake. We saw armadillos, wild hogs, woodpeckers, white-tailed deer, crows, vultures, spiders, squirrels, rabbits, and ducks. At night we heard the coyotes howling.

There was an abundance of trees: Oaks, Hickory, Cedar, Pines.

There were a large quantity of armadillos.

Here are some wild hogs and their young ones.

Lexi thought the grill was a chair.

Daddy is teaching the kids how to skip rocks. This was where they did some fishing. Lauren caught the most perch.
Micah loved sliding down the ravines.

We found several forts for the kids to play in.
The Daddy longlegs were everywhere.

Friday evening we took a drive to Palestine, TX for the Polar Express train ride. The kids watched the movie on our drive up to Fairfield.

Micah had his face to the window, as you see below, the entire ride. He removed his nose from the window only to drink his hot cocoa. He was looking for Santa Claus.

The end of the ride was quite dramatic. When the train arrived at the "North Pole" Micah's facial expressions communicated much disappointment as he cried in daddy's arms. When we asked him why he was crying he tearfully replied, "This is fake. This isn't the North Pole and that isn't Santa." He continued on explaining that the North Pole has ice.
The girls enjoyed the ride, the story, the hot cocoa and treat.
In all honesty, I would probably say it is not worth the costs. I think maybe the day trip, where you can admire the surrounding beauty would be more worth the expense.

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