Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful Tree

There are many blessings in our lives that we are thankful for, one is our friends Larry and Barb. They have enriched our lives with many loving and tender moments that we will forever cherish as a family.

It is funny how the friendship began. Barb and I were in a new CARE group that was starting through the church. As I tell this story keep in mind Barb is in her 60's and I am in my 30's. Barb always tells everyone that her 1st impressions of me was that I was hussy, because she saw a tattoo on my breast as I was breastfeeding one of my children. My first thoughts of her was oh this woman is going to be telling us all what to do.

As weeks went by Barb began to share something that she was going through that weighed heavy on her heart. It was through this hardship she was enduring that began the new friendship between two unexpected people. As our friendship grew, my children started to become more apart of her life. I think my children have filled a void in her life, as she has filled a void in mine and my children's lives.

As a gift to Larry and Barb the kids made a Thankful Tree. This tree would be filled with moments or things that they are thankful for that Barb and Larry do. Their thankful leaves said:
1)Gum - My kids almost always get gum when Barb comes to the house and this is a treat they love.
2) Hugs and Kisses - You can never get too many of these
3) Going to the movies
4) Spending the night with big sister at Barb's
5) Riding in the car from the house to the end of the street and back - I know this seems kind of silly, but the kids love when they get to ride in the car with her or her and Larry. They turn the music up loud, sing together, and cruise for about 2 mins.
6) Going for ice cream
7) Eating with Larry and Barb here at the house and at the Mexican restaurant or as Micah puts it at Mexico.

Thank you Larry and Barb for sharing your lives with us! We love you both!

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