Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving in Schulenburg

It was a cool and damp day full of muddy adventures. The kids started the day on the gigantic hay bales, well they were gigantic to the kids. Each child leaping from one hay bale to the other. Micah tired out quickly and proceeded to jump off. As he started to walk simultaneously this wail of a cry came from his lips. I ran over to him to see what was wrong and all he kept saying was get them off! The poor thing was covered in stickers.
Mid afternoon we decided to play with our turkeys, capture the beauty of them, and then devour them. It was an all around sweet thing.
The kids ended the afternoon with a nature walk. Knowone was poopy on this journey accept for Hannah's boots.
Our kids were fast a sleep once they entered the ride for destination "home."

Rocky Creek
Hannah and Lauren getting ready for some hay bale fun.
This is better than a carnival ride and it's free.

Most of the gang.

Christopher and Connor making their turkeys, with the help of dad.

Jacob, hard at work creating his turkey. When I am concentrating or hard at work I stick my tongue out, too.

Micah ate more cookies and candy creating his, then there was on his turkey.
John about to devour his turkey.

Raise your hands if this was fun and oh so yummy.

Capturing the creative beauty of Lauren's turkey.

Cherokee Rose
What a beautiful ending to the day!

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