Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kids Fun Run

So the other day we were taking Lexi for a check-up and Hannah found these entry forms for the the Kids Fun Run 2010. When we got in the car she showed me the form and asked if she could enter it. This was a total shock to me, because Hannah is really not the athletic type. I was really excited for her to do this as mommy loves to run and do races.

We decided that instead of PE for the next two months that she would train for her race. So while Lauren was in PE today Hannah and I began training. The race is a 3k and I thought it would take Hannah some time to work her way up, but to my surprise she ran 2.5 miles today. I was so proud of her, kept cheering her on the entire time. We are both so excited for her first run and look forward to this being some well spent mommy and daughter time. Way to go pumpkin, you rocked it hard today!!

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