Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dewberry Farm

We went to the Dewberry Farm yesterday and it was so much fun! Hannah's favorite activity was the corn maze. My stroller wouldn't make it through, so two other moms followed the kids in. The kids were too quick for the moms and soon were out of sight. The moms came out empty handed and said the kids got lost in the maze. Back in went the other two moms and thankfully found our clan. There were so many different things for the kids to do and was priced reasonably. We will definitely go again next year.

Micah had a little trouble getting on. It was pretty massive compared to him.

Micah and mommy cruising around.

Hannah and Micah

Emma and Lauren

This looked like so much fun, I should have tried it. The kids loved it! Micah couldn't get enough of it.

Lauren, Micah and Hannah posing for a picture.

The Ischy and Coppock kids on a hay ride.

Lexi's first hay ride.

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