Saturday, November 7, 2009

Autumn Study: Oaks and Acorns

We are doing the Autumn Study: Oaks and Acorns from the This challenge involves finding an oak tree to observe. My goal is for us to find a Live Oak, Red Oak and White Oak to observe this autumn.
Lauren Notebooking Live Oak

Hannah Notebooking Live Oak

Measuring the tree trunk

Leaves and Acorn

The Bark

It was a beautiful sunny day. We spent quite a bit of time outside observing and studying our tree. We observed the bark, talking about the color, roughness, creases in it. Then we measured the circumference of the trunk. The leaves we thought were pointed, stiff, and leathery. We talked about how the Live Oak's leaves stay green through the winter. When spring arrives the leaves fall off and new growth begins. Hannah's leaf measured 2-3/4". Hannah cut open the acorns and we talked about the different layers. We also compared the acorns that were on the ground to the acorns that were still in the tree. The acorn they picked from the tree measured 1" long.


  1. I love your goals and it is interesting to compare the different kinds of oaks.

    Your journals look great and I think your study went very well!

    Looking forward to your next study.

  2. What a great study. I keep meaning to get back to Barb's challenges, but I haven't done them in quite a while! We do a lot of nature study, though.


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