Saturday, July 4, 2009

Micah's 3rd Birthday

Is it already the 18th of July??? NO, Daddy and Micah are just impatient! We took Micah to Toys R Us this past week for him to look around and give us some ideas. He went crazy over the chainsaw and daddy went crazy over the racecar track. Well, Daddy took Micah out to the car and I purchased them. We told Micah we were just looking and would go get his presents closer to his birthday. That afternoon, the next day and Friday all he could talk about was the chainsaw. "Where is my chainsaw?" is all we heard. Daddy gave in Friday and said just give them to him. I insisted no presents unless they are wrapped and he has a cake. I asked Micah if he wanted to go get a cake and he replied, "No, I just want my saw." So mommy went and got a cake by herself. Everyone sang happy birthday and Micah got his birthday two weeks early.

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