Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 10 Highlights

A few HIGHLIGHTS from our week

The girls were sick a few days so we took it easy this week.  I read to them from Twice Freed, we watched Amazing Love The Story of Hosea, did our basics and played around in science.

This week in science we studied the bones.

 We cut out our skeleton from The Body Book.  I numbered the bones on the skeleton then wrote the names on index cards and numbered the back side.  The kids practiced identifying and checking their answers throughout the week.

 We made a veggie skeleton and the kids had to choose one vegetable to research the nutritional facts on.

 We constructed a backbone from pony tail holders, a jump rope and pipe insulator foam.
I explained to the kids that we have a total of 33 bones in the backbone. 5 are fused together to form the sacrum and 4 bones make the tailbone.  Our model consisted of the remaining 24 vertebrae and disks.
Pipe insulator = vertebrae
Pony tail = disk
Jump rope = spinal cord
 The idea came from

 An image from the book Bones Our Skeletal System by Seymour Simon.

We did the Bend a Bone with Vinegar science experiment found at 

Science Matters, another blog, had a great idea on how to make model of a bone.

Supplies needed:
 red and blue yarn, white felt-which I sewed together to make 
a tube, PVC pipe, foam pipe insulator, model clay and Velcro.

The  yarn represents the blood vessels, the felt is the dense membrane.

 The PVC pipe represents the compact bone.

 Pipe insulator is the spongy bone.

The model clay is your bone marrow.

I made bingo cards with calcium rich foods.

Thursday Lexi and I laid on the trampoline admiring the backyard birds
before our friends came over for a play date.

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