Tuesday, January 1, 2013

History Timeline

We have tried the Book of Centuries timeline, the Kono's wall timeline, the lapbook timelines and none of them have worked for us.  The Book of Centuries and the lapbook timelines we just never opened up nor can you view them as a whole.  The Kono's timeline just takes up too much wall space.  This week I was thinking of how we could create another timeline that: we could see as a whole, fold and put away, re-use when we come through the cycle again and is inexpensive to make.

So this is what my husband and I came up with.

 Supplies needed: clear packing tape, masking tape, scissors, and a $2.50 trifold cardboard, laminating machine and laminating sheets (optional). Everything we had at home already except for the trifold board.

My husband drew the lines on the board, I'm not great at drawing them straight across and I didn't want to get the level out. Can you say lazy. lol.  Anyhow, we then put the clear packing tape down on the lines drawn.  The reasoning behind this is so I can move the timeline figures around without tearing up the cardboard.
I laminated our timeline figures then added masking tape on the back bottom of the timeline figure.  You want to make sure to put the tape on the figure where it will only touch the packing tape on your board, otherwise, you will have an oops if you ever want to move your figure.
Well, that is it! 

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