Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Renaissance 2012

The Texas Renaissance is one of my kids favorite festivals to attend. 

Here is a picture of most of my kids:
Lauren, Hannah and Micah.

 Here is a picture of the whole gang that went.

 Lauren with a barbarian.

 Lady Elizabeth Howard, Ann Boleyn's mother, chatting with the kids.
She was persistent that her daughter would give a baby boy to King Henry VIII.

Henry was quite disappointed  with a daughter whom was born on September 7, 1533, she was named Elizabeth.  

Elizabeth I, ruled over 50 years, building a better England than her father. 

 What is a pirate's favorite letter?  ARR, it is the "C."

 The kids enjoyed dancing the Escargot.

 Hannah and KK dancing.

Cooper in his knight attire.

 My little man trying on the armor.

 We sat down to enjoy the jousting between England and Spain.
We were cheering England on.

It didn't end well for England.

 Hannah was devastated!

 We loved the many demonstrations.  This was the glass blowing.

 Don't mess with these pirates!

 Fire Whipping

Charlotte enjoying the scenery.

 Duchess Maria Julich-Berg, mother of Anne of Cleves, was teaching the girls how to curtsy. 
She was probably my favorite to visit, because she had the most historical information of herself to share.
Maria came from a long line of German princesses.
Maria became heiress to her father's estates of Jülich, Berg and Ravensberg after his death.

 The Basye and Ischy girls riding the elephant.
 Mindy, Micah and Cara

Elephants first appeared in the renaissance as lavish gifts of peace and goodwill between Muslims and Christians.  King Charlemagne of France received an elephant from the Moor of North Africa.

 Mindy and Me.

My sweet family.

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