Monday, November 19, 2012

Child Training Bible

We have been using this tool for about six months now and I highly recommend it.  I did spend extra time adding some additional tags in our Bible.  This is a great tool but lacks in the following: leading you to the blessings of your child having a Spirit filled heart, examples of men and women who were Spirit filled and who were disobedient to God.  My kids relate and remember stories so I like to not only lead them to a single verse but a story that relates to that heart attitude.

So here are the adjustments or additions we added to ours:

On our tabs I added EX. (examples) and B (blessings) and left plain if it was just a scripture in reference to the sinful nature.

For example, for defiance I tabbed CTB's scripture reference along with others that I pulled from Instructions in Righteousness ( red.  I also red tabbed stories that demonstrated defiance and labeled that red tab with an EX.  

Then I red tabbed scripture that spoke of a child who was the opposite of the sinful nature of defiance (obedience) and labeled it with a B.  Then on that page I highlighted the blessing of obedience with orange.

 Here is a picture to show how I label mine.
This page is tabbed red for defiance and I have a EX. and a B.
The orange shows when you obey what God says the blessing will be.

The red is a scripture of disobedience.

I also added sticky notes throughout of rewards and discipline for their heart attitude.


  1. Awesome!!! I want to do this! We use doorposts for things too- but this sounds fabulous!

  2. wow what a good father. i just drop by this page and very happy to see ways of teaching which can follow god's promise. thank you^^


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