Monday, October 22, 2012

Vision Boards for 2012-2013

I am behind on blogging and so some of the coming posts will be from past moments from this year.  I want to add them, because eventually this blog will be printed into family albums.

It is a passion of mine to train and teach our children to be mission minded.  We live in such a world of busyness and selfishness and I don't want our children to get caught up in that and forget our true purpose in life.    I pray that they will have a heart for the Lord as David did and that they will always wash the feet of others as Jesus did.
With this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to make vision boards.

God is in the center of the board to remind them that He should be the center of all they do and everything they do should be done for his glory. 

We then discussed: what they would like to learn, what their talents were and how they could use them to serve others. 

Then they had to write or cut out pictures of what we discussed, adhere it to their boards, and hang it on their wall as a daily reminder. 

I am so excited to see them work on these goals, to watch them grow in their walk with the Lord and to serve others.

Hannah's board had: raise funds for All Girls Allowed, come closer to God in her walk, save money for a family vacation, spend more time with God, save money for a horse, make her way to Olympics, beat world record in freestyle and breaststroke, become a famous swimmer, create paintings for the elderly, start a shop selling clothes.

Lauren's board had: paint pictures for elderly, play piano for elderly, build a lemonade stand with daddy, raise money for All Girls Allowed.

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