Monday, October 22, 2012

All Girls Allowed

Hannah came to me and said she wanted to raise funds for the organization All Girls Allowed, whom she heard about on KSBJ.  We added this goal to her and Lauren's vision boards.  

A couple weeks later we called on some friends to help and were so blessed that they too wanted to contribute and give of their time and resources. 

  All Girls Allowed gave these children a great opportunity to embrace the training to be mission minded leaders, servants of God, who give of their time, energy, resources and emotions to serve others.

The girls set a goal of raising $240 for the shower gift program and they exceeded it by $50.00. They were so thrilled and overwhelmed by the generosity of the people of Schulenburg, TX. 

We thank All Girls Allowed for all their efforts, love and time in helping to restore the God-given life, value and dignity to the mothers and girls in China. They set a wonderful 
example for our children and myself.

Here are some of the girls working on posters to hang in community businesses.

Here is Lexi getting ready to do her favorite things taste and cook.

My wonderful friend Kim offered her awesome kitchen and stove.

The boys even jumped in to help.

Doesn't Jack look great in that apron???  
Flowers totally look good on him!

Oops!  We have a bit of a mess.  
Don't worry their dog, Sophie, cleaned it up.

Hannah and Becca making cookies.

Mrs. Sonia brought cookies that her daughters, 
Kaylee and Maddie, helped bake.

Lauren accomplishing one of her other goals with dad.  
They built the lemonade stand.

The day of the bake sale.

The girls worked so hard putting this all together and
 they accomplished it with only a little guidance from the moms.  

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