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MFW Weekly Highlights Wk29 Countries and Cultures

Week 29 MFW Countries and Cultures
 Homeschool Wrap-Up
Theme for our studies this week…. Russia and the Arctic

A great book/s we read….
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Interesting facts we learned….Some compound words are hyphenated if they are one part of speech and not hyphenated if they are another part of speech.  As an example, first class is a noun while first-class is an adjective.  In other words adjective compounds are hyphenated. 

Arctic Terns migrate the furthest.  They fly from the Arctic to Antarctica.
We had a lightbulb moment this week….Hannah is beginning to understand how to write fractions in their simplest form. 

As Mom/teacher, I found this week to be….A bit hard due to my hormones, but about mid week it improved greatly.  
 Two favorite hands-on projects…. 
Our Permafrost Activity

 Firm gelatin represents the frozen ground, the permafrost layer.
The soil represents the unfrozen layer of soil above the permafrost layer.
Finally, crushed ice represents the snow that will melt now that it is spring.

What did we learn?  When the snow melts the permafrost layer keeps the water from going deep, so the soil becomes very muddy.

Many wooden houses in Yakutsk are tilted and sinking into the ground because the ground they were built on had become mud.  The newer apartments are huge concrete buildings built on "stilts" that go deep into the ground, leaving about 10 feet of air space between the ground and the bottom of the building.

And Baking....

 Favorite extracurricular activity (if any this week)…. Horse lessons.  Hannah has a new teacher and she is fabulous!  Hannah really learned so much from her in just the one lesson.  Hannah said that Ms. Jacqueline really had a love for teaching horse lessons and she enjoyed being around her.
We laughed when…. Lexi covered herself in sunblock.

Craft idea for this week…. We haven't been to crafty lately.
I am praying for my children to…. Be more encouraging to one another and to help each other succeed.

I am learning to…. Be more flexible and patient.  We volunteer at a local nursing home and I wish they were a little more organized. Each time we go we really don't know what we are in for. I think God is using this experience to bend me and teach me to be more flexible and patient with others.

My favorite new resource is…. our lapbook from

 My favorite picture.... Well not sure it is my favorite picture, but I enjoyed sitting on the back porch with Hannah watching the Downy Woodpecker in our Willow tree.

Got the idea to do wrap ups from Mama Buzz (see icon on the right hand side of my blog), but she is done for this school year.  So I am not linking this back to her blog.

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