Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Little Birdwatcher in the Making

This afternoon the kids and I headed to the park for a nature walk.  We admired a Tufted Titmouse and Blue Jay while only getting a glimpse at an Orange Sulfur and Monarch, and of course we always catch the squirrels.  Lexi, my 1 year old, grasping tightly to her bird identification book was walking ahead of me.  (Sadly she doesn't like to share the bird book with her siblings.)  She stopped, looked, pointed then softly whispered, "bird," as she pointed in its direction.  I walked over to her and looked and sure enough there it was.  Anytime we are outside she always has a ear for them and will look up to locate them.  It is so fun to share a love for birds with my littlest.

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