Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preparing Her

My oldest, Hannah, has said on many occasions that she was going to have 30+ kids. On other occasions she has talked about or written in stories of her helping orphans. We have been reading the life of George Muller, The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans, and tonight as we finished up chapter 4 she said, "Mom do you think God's calling on my life is to help orphans?"

I don't know God's plan for my daughter, but I know as her mother my prayer is that I will not let my own selfish desires prevent me from my personal responsibility in raising her to be a spiritual champion and helping her in understanding God's mission and vision for her life.

My prayer is that Hannah will always remember that it is God who has given her the talents and/or gifts that she possesses and they were given to her to be used for His glory. She has such a desire to serve Him and to be faithful to Him now. I pray that as she grows she continues to have that deep abiding love and burning passion to use her gifts to serve Him with the calling He lays upon her life. Evil will surround her, my hope is that each day she will dress herself with the armor of God so that none of the wickedness of this world will penetrate within her. I pray God will produce great results in her life and that it will be evident to all that is was by His power, love, and grace that it was accomplished. May the words Glory to God always leap from her lips.

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