Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All in One Math Folder (Prep for Singapore)

I took the math prep sheet for Singapore that came with our 1st grade MFW curriculum and added a few more things. You can do this in a spreadsheet, but I had already laminated the sheet on my folder so I took a permenant marker to it. I like it in the laminated folder because this is something he can also take to do in the car with his sisters.

I added a section for the tally marks, ones and tens place value, and how can we make this amount in coins? I have seen something similar on another blog but I can't recall which one (sorry). They used a calendar instead of a 100 chart. I like the 100 chart because he can learn to identify and write his numbers to 100, add money up to a higher amount, number sentences to a higher sum than 31, oral word problems higher than 31, I think you get the idea. I velcroed a ziploc bag to the folder with contains are expanded form cards (prep for Singapore) and a clock to teach time (up to 12:00) with our number of the day also.

As I mentioned above we didn't use a calendar because the kids write in their prayer journal each day. They have to write the date in that.

They pull the laminated months from here and then copy the month onto the prayer journal. This way they learn the months and how to spell them as well as learning how to write out dates.

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