Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snip-its Week 6 / Rome to Reformation

Snip-its from this week:

 OT Prophesy and NT Fulfillment of Jesus' Birth, Life and His Death and Resurrection.  We added this to our NT Lapbook.

Memory Work
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
But God demonstrates his love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 3:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 8:28

We read about the rise of Julius Caesar.  

Micah was most fascinated with the chapter telling of Caesars dealings with the pirates.

Lauren and Micah fabricated ships out of boxes and painted water on them.  Hannah made a pirate out of a cardboard box.

We also read about the Consuls of Rome and Caesar and the Senate.

As we made our preparations for our feast we read from
The Roman Empire.

The kids, along with a little help from daddy, made the burning lamps for light that would stand in the triclinium.

Micah wanted to be Julius Caesar.  
He helped sew his purple ribbon on his toga.  Male Roman citizens were suppose to wear a toga in public. We made the toga from a sheet. I prefer the way described how to make a toga, the book required cutting.
Purple dye was specially valued by the Romans.  It came from a sea snail called the murex, found in parts of the Mediterranean Sea.
Here is a snap shot of Micah sewing his costume and spray painting his laurel wreath.  Okay, we took the easy route on the wreath.  The book had you make one from fresh bay leaves, wire, tissue paper and ribbon.  We used some wired foliage for decorating that we had in the craft room.

 Lauren dressed as a wealthy Roman woman.  She sewed her costume while Hannah and I helped her make the curly blonde wig. To create the wig we made a band out of card stock then curled paper with scissors and adhered it to the band with the hot glue gun.  Both girls worked together in making her Roman brooch, which the Romans used to fasten cloaks.

Here is Lauren sewing her tunic

here is a short video of Lauren.

Hannah wanted to be Proserpine (Pro ser PEE nuh).  Prosperine was daughter to Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest.
Hannah glued flowers on a ribbon then safety pinned it to a dress we had in the costume trunk.  For her head piece she made a band out of card stock and glued flowers all around it.

Here is a photo of Hannah creating her costume.

And here is a photo of her in her attire.

Hannah wrote a paper about Proserpine and  read it to us during the feast.
Our company who joined us for the feast was Debbie, Cooper, Charlotte and Davy. Charlotte is in the above picture.  I think she found the Greek olives distasteful.  

For the feast we enjoyed lamprey eggs (boiled chicken eggs), turkey legs (chicken legs), peacock brains (chicken gizzards), Greek olives, fruit and sparkling grape juice. 

Charlotte wore Roman sandals, made by her mom, and a
shirt made of Chinese silk (well, not really). In Roman times richer women wore brightly colored Chinese silk.  I know men wore laurel wreaths, but doesn't Charlotte look adorable with it?

All the kids loved dressing up.
However, it wasn't long before all their hard work was stripped off.
They were complaining of being hot and itchy.

We did a little bit of map work this week. Below is one of their maps.  The consuls sent Julius to govern Spain and the kids had to draw the route he took from Rome, through the Alps and over to Spain.

Hannah and Lauren also did a map of the Roman lands today, which included a  lot more labeling. 

Hannah's map

 Micah's map

Lauren's map

Our word this week was centum.
Hannah had to remember the Latin word centum and the definition 
of century, centurion, cent, centipede, and centimeter.

Lauren and Micah had to remember the Latin word centum, and the definition of centurion and century.
Below is a picture of them using centurion and century in a sentence.

Micah's paper

 Lauren's paper

Just Playing Around
Lauren and Lexi building with the math manipulatives.

Lauren built a robot.

Lexi built a human.  She informed me the red unit cubes were the bones, 
so she could swing real high.

We have a basket in the back of our school room that has a 
variety of different craft and art books. One of the book selections I put in the basket was an origami book.
 The last two weeks Micah has really taken interest in it. 

Lexi calls our math manipulatives building blocks.
Tonight as we were building with them I happened to
remember we had the Alphabet Book and Cuisenaire Rods,
so I pulled them down
off the shelf and Lexi had a blast with it.

Favorite Conversation of the Week: 
Me: OH NO.... Lexi, what did mommy say about gluing papers to the wall?  It is a no, no.
Lexi: But I love you to. (I wish I had an image of her face as she said this.  She is SO dramatic.)
Me: If you want your picture up tell mommy and I will happily put it up for you.

I left the blank white sheet of notebook paper  on the wall because
I was too tired or maybe lazy, probably both, to repaint the wall.

Daddy had a good idea.  He said to have her draw on it then make a frame
out of card stock to go around it. 

 Other Happenings
The kids had a great idea (I am being sarcastic) of rearranging the school room, which then led to rearranging Micah's room.  I have to admit I do like the new arrangement, but really....of all weeks to do it. 

Micah completed his first overnight Cub Scout campout.  He earned his fishing and badminton belt loops.

Micah and Lauren both lost a tooth. 
Lauren lost a tooth on her far right side.Micah lost his front bottom tooth.

Daddy brought home a new pet that a client gave to him.
Lexi was excited; she LOVES birds!
The kids named it Peg leg, because it has only one foot.

Serving Others
Every other Friday we have the privilege of delivering meals to the seniors of our community through Meals on Wheels.  We then head back to the community center and serve lunch to the wonderful men and women there.  It is such a blessing.

Photo: We are blessed to deliver meals and visit some wonderful seniors in Schulenburg.  The Schulenburg Meals on Wheels need more volunteers  delivering meals during the week.  If you're looking for a great way to serve our community give them a call.  You will be blessed.


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