Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lexi is 2

Life at  2
Lexi    Elliana

Curious of all that surrounds you. Always attempting to master the skills of everything that is set before your eyes. If ever there is a moment of silence we know there is a mess to be cleaned. With a smile we chuckle, “Oh Lexi!” Knowing that you are just but seeking to be like those who you look up to.

You love to share butterfly kisses, paint your toes, cook, dance, color and paint works of art (well masterpieces in the eyes of mom). We mutually have a joy for admiring birds. It is quite wonderful to watch you birding. For someone who is constantly on the go and full of boundless energy you can become as quiet as a mouse and as still as a statue when trying to get a glimpse of a beautiful burbling bird.

Before the age of 2 you began potty training at your own desire. We have yet to master the poopies. With your left hand you hold your pencil in the accurate position striving to form the letter L for Lexi. You most often make requests with one or two words, but Hannah has been teaching you to repeat after her your requests in the form of sentences. Micah and you enjoy rough playing, sometimes you tend to be a little stronger than we would like. Lauren and you often share a coloring book on the floor.

I would say you mostly dislike going to bed. You can throw some longs fits before you wear yourself out.

Lexi the past two years of your life have been a joy to watch.

   Preparing for Lexi's Birthday
 Hannah icing the cake.

 Lexi making sure the chefs whipped up an icing to her liking.

The kids created a birthday banner.
 Hannah getting creative with the wrapping.

Don't touch yet!

And she blows them out. 

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