Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chore Chart

Our new chore chart we made.  I love it and most importantly the kids do to!  I saw the idea on the internet under clip art - chore boards.  There were several different ones all using the the same idea.

  • Tray painted a board, large enough to fit all the kids names, to match our living room decor. 
  • I used a Cricket to create all the lettering.  (Jasmine Font) 
  • The images for the cards I found on google - clip art and created a word document with them. (Below is a link you can open and use the cards I created)
  • I printed the word document on regular paper. 
  • Each kid has their own cardstock color for their everyday regular chores (brush teeth, brush hair...).  I used patterned coordinating scrapbooking paper for the chores that I alternate between the kids.  I glued the word document to the back side of the cardstock and scrapbooking paper then cut.
  • I laminated and cut again. 
  • I hole punched the cards.  I would suggest hole punching one and using it to stack on the others so you get all your holes in the exact spot.
  • We got the hooks at Home Depot really cheap. 
Chore Card Document

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  1. Excellent! I had planned to make one too and never got it done. I broke down and bought Accountable Kids. Love the how schedule on the wall system. Working for us--as long as I sray on top of it.


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