Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 1 of Keika's Visit

We are so blessed to be apart of an exchange program this summer and to have Keika join our family.  Keika is visiting us from Japan. 

We arrived at the airport anxiously awaiting her arrival.

 The kids and their welcome sign.

 Hannah and Keika
 Lauren and Keika

 Keika's first visit to our church, New Hope

Lexi and Keika chillin on the couch.

Keika brought us beautiful gifts from her family. 
Her mother handmade these lovely Japanese Hanging Hina Dolls. Lauren told Keika that her mom was very talented and I would have to agree.  The detail in the dolls, the choice of fabrics, and the heart put into making these is priceless.
 Cherry Blossom = a symbol of joy also the most famous tree in Japan

 Treasure Pouch = a symbol of an open mind

 Bellflower = a symbol of dignity

 Crane = a symbol of accomplishment.

 Red pepper = a symbol of the growth of a child.

 Turtle = a symbol of a long life.

Goldfish = a symbol of elegance.

 All the kids received Jinbeis, they loved them!

 Keika and her mother made these beautiful Kimono paper dolls.  Lauren absolutely loved these dolls, they were her favorite.

Daddy's gift.

We ended the night with a family movie.  Now we are all exhausted and ready for bed.  A special thank you to Mr. Yasu and Mrs. Kazue!

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