Saturday, May 7, 2011

God's Names

The kids and I have been studying the Names of God.  I requested from a friend, who is a wonderful artist, if she would paint some of His names on a canvas to hang up in our house.  We absolutely love it and it is a constant reminder of who He is and how worthy He is of our admiration and trusts.  Thank you Mrs. Penny!

I came across this book as I was viewing an email from God's World News  I thought it would be a great addition to our study.  I have skimmed though it and think the kids are really going to enjoy the activities that go with learning some of the Lord's names.

Some activities in the book are as follows:
Jehovah-Maginnenu/The Lord our Defense: Have a friendly family fight with water balloons or wadded paper balls.  Be sure to have a shield.  Then talk about how God is a shield for His people.
Jehovah-Sabaoth/The Lord of Hosts: Ask your mom or dad to make a crossword puzzle with God's names in it.  Then find God's names-do you see them?  Pray for faith to see God for who He is.
Elohim/Strong Creator: Cut up ten pieces of paper and number them 1-10.  Put them in a paper bag.  Blow up bag like a balloon, twist the top, shake it up well, then pop the bag by hitting it with your hand.  Did it make a big bang?  Dump out the paper numbers.  Are they in a nice straight line?  Are they all right side up?  Are the numbers in order?  Order does not happen by itself.  Our world is like that, too.  Someone had to create the world and put it in order.

The book also includes discussion and Bible stories.

We also listen to Names of God at .

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