Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Houston Rodeo 2011

Daddy and I before we headed off.

Euro Slide
Micah rode with Hannah.  Poor little guy almost flew onto the other slide.  He got pretty banged up and his arms can prove it.  He has no interest in riding another one of these.

The pole bending was one of Hannah's favorite.

This rabbit really intrigued me.  It is called a Fleming Giant.  The extra fold of skin under the chin is called dewlap and is only found on the female does.  I did not know female rabbits were called does, but apparently my daughter did.  This rabbit can weigh anywhere from 13 lbs to 28 lbs.  

The kids were able to choose two rides each.  Micah really wanted to go on this but wasn't tall enough to go at it alone.  Hannah was kind to give up one of her rides to go with Micah on his.  

Our precious Lexi posing for the camera.  She loved visiting all the animals at the livestock show.

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