Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Simple Act of Love

The faces of those in need

A simple act of love

The children stood in line to take turns filling cups and passing along to the men and women, whose home is the streets of downtown

The gang

The kids warming themselves with a cup of hot cocoa

I believe that on Friday our childrens act of love in something as simple as passing out hot cocoa warmed not only the bodies of the women and men living on the streets of downtown, but also warmed their hearts. Many commented on how wonderful it was to see the children and one would only accept the hot cocoa from the hands of a child.

My prayer is that through the love of the many organizations and volunteers that spend countless hours ministering and sharing the love of Christ to these men and woman, that they would be transformed spiritually and would be saved from the misery of life on the streets.

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