Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

In our hats I knitted on the loom.

Hannah loved her Web Kinz.

Micah with one of his guns.

Tray shot Micah at close range with the Nerf Gun, when he didn't have the vest on. Tray didn't know it would hurt. Micah wouldn't touch that gun for a whole day.

Tray took a ride down memory lane when we were out shopping. He found a cap gun and thought Mich would love it. First thing Micah said when he shot it was, "I don't like the smell. Can you take the paper out?" Tray thought that was the best part of having a cap gun.

Mommy and Lexi

Hannah made everyone's gifts this year. This was one of my cards. She is so sweet!

Lauren spent her own money to get daddy this shirt.

Daddy loved it!

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