Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ornaments Made with Love

It has been a tradition every year to get a real tree, however, this year we are trying to cut back in some areas and that is one we chose. Glad we had my old artificial tree. To make it bling we made all our ornaments.

Angels made from felt, hot glue, and thread.

To make the Christmas trees we used paper plates, beads, colored egg shells, acrylic paint, needle, thread, and glue.

Hannah used the smaller beads as lights hanging on the tree.
Lauren chose to use the larger beads for balls.

Our finished Christmas trees.

Our snowman made out of egg cartons, felt, tooth picks, cotton balls, q-tips, paint, hot glue, and black pen.

Our balls were made out of styrofoam balls, red yarn, gold and red ribbon, bells, hot glue, and
pipe cleaners.

Some of our salt dough ornaments. We made stars, snowmen, gingerbread men, and hearts.

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