Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chinese Culture

Dance of Asian America Chinese Culture through Dance

Open your eyes to the rich cultural heritage of China through authentic Chinese dances. The vast land of China consists of the Mainland and 56 ethnic sub-regions each with its own dance forms that directly reflect each group’s lifestyle and customs. Classical and folk dances are a precious part of China’s cultural heritage and serve as a wonderful tool for learning about its many various traditions, history, and culture. Each dance performed includes authentic Chinese costumes, music, and detailed information that will guide students to a better understanding of China’s rich cultural heritage. This interactive performance involves audience members with dance props and dance movements.

So we are attending the above mentioned on Thursday. I thought we would read a China missionary story this week and make Chinese Noodle Chicken.

Today I made the Chinese Noodle Dish and lets just say mom probably won't be attempting at another Chinese dish.

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