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Wetland Area We have never seen a frog with yellow spots. Come to find out it is a Green Tree Frog.
Most green tree frogs have a cream or yellow stripe that runs from the side of their head, down to their hind legs. In addition to this stripe, occasional frogs also have small yellow spots scattered on their back. Their ventral side is white.

I believe this is a Damselfly. They have a long, thin, tubular abdomen, narrow wings, narrowest where they meet the thorax, and large eyes (although much smaller than dragonflies) which protrude from the sides of the head, almost as if on stalks.
One difference between the dragonfly and the damselfly is the way they hold their wings. Dragonflies almost always have their wings spread fully open, and can be found perching on vegetation, often hanging vertically. Damselflies habitually close their wings when at rest and hold them over their 'backs'. If this is not a Damselfy, please leave a comment and let us know what it is.

My guess is that this is some type of larvae. If you know please comment.
Hatchery Tour
Red Drum Eggs.

Red Drum at 3 days old.

Red Drum at 1 month.

Did you know that Red Drum grows 1 inch every month until the age of 2.

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