Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sand Castles at Quintana Beach County Park

Another mom shared with us that this is a shark's eye shell. The shark's eye is named because of the pattern of its body whorls. The early whorls are closer together, darker, and surrounded by paler whorls. This popular shell is smooth and porcelain-like. The underside is whitish and there is a chestnut brown lobe near the center of the underside.

I know it doesn't look pretty but wait till you see what you can make from it.

This is Ms. Dawn's castle.

Here is Mrs. Dawn, our teacher for the day.

Beginning our castle.

The kids stomping it down.

Daddy making the turrets.

The family with the castle.

Today we learned that the water contains silt, which works like a glue. Hence, you can make awesome castles.

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  1. Wow! First of all, I'm so impressed that you've already blogged about our day! :-) And, I was very impressed by your family's sand castle. Your husband really seemed to be enjoying himself!!!

    Wasn't it just a wonderful day?

    I brought a camera with me but we couldn't get it to work! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I copied a few of these photos or if you could send me a few?



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