Saturday, May 16, 2009

Interview About Mommy

Got this from my friend Jennifer's blog and thought it was cute. So here are Hannah's answers. Tried to get Lauren to do it, but she was busy doing her own thing.

1) I really love it when mommy takes us places
2) My mom likes to read her Bible
3) My mom always tells me that she loves me
4) The best thing she does is cook good food
5) It makes her happy when I listen to her
6) My mom loves to relax by taking a nap
7) I like it when my mom says she loves me
8) The best thing she cooks is mac and cheese
9) When my mom shops she likes to buy coffee
10) My moms favorite household chore is laundry / mommy says yuck
11) My moms fav tv show is Bible tv shows
12) If she could go on a trip she would go to Schulenburg / mommy thinks this is more of where Hannah would like to go. Mommy is thinking water, beach, far away relaxing
13) I love my mom because she is very special

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  1. That is adorable... its so funny how they perceive things.


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