Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Using our imagination

The girls went with Barb to Walmart today and they bought some material with their money they have been saving. Hannah decided she wanted to make a blanket for a friend, Lauren wanted a dress and I don't know how to sew. So below is what we came up with. We cut two holes in it put her arms through and tied it with yarn. Micah asked, "Barb didn't get me any material?" So I gave him some scrap material we had and some scissors and he said, "I made a dress and I am the witch from Wizard of Oz."
I think this is a result of having two big sisters.

Here is our dress Lauren and I made.

Hannah working on her blanket.

Lauren a few mins later came out and said she was the witch.

Hannah's finished blanket. She used a scrap paper for the corner patterns. Then we cut a strip for her to use along the sides. She then knotted it all the way around. Took her two hours to make. I have to said I am proud of her for sitting that whole time to complete it.

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  1. Love this-that boy is a doll!


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