Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Days 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

Oh No!  We made all these Valentines, but we have no transportation to get them to the hospital.  What are we going to do?  Who is going to help us?  Someone.....PLEASE HELP!!
 Here I come to save the day.......
Supermom #1 to the rescue.
Supermom #2 to the rescue.
We wouldn't have been able to participate  in this wonderful opportunity of passing out cards and heart pillows to the patients at St. Marks Hospital if it wasn't for these two fabulous women. 
I packed our family into both of their vehicles and off to the hospital and park we went.   
What a fun and blessed day it was!!
 We got to stop by Tray's sister's room and give her a hug, pillow and a few Valentine cards.
Lexi wanted to stop and read all the letters on every sign we passed.

Lexi and mommy
Oops, how did that get in here?
I took this picture of Lexi, this week, playing doctor with her stuffed animals.
I wanted to make sure I got it on the blog this week.

 Hanging out in front of the monument to the fallen heroes of the Dawson Massacre
 and the Black Bean Death Lottery of the failed Mier Expedition. 
 Off for a walk along the trail.
Little Davy
Thank you ladies for allowing us to be apart of this special day, we love you both! 

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