Friday, October 1, 2010

Piano Recital Shopping

This is a result of spending a day shopping with Mrs. Barb.
To start a day fit only for a princess you must try on an abundance of dresses with sequins, flowers and organza oh my. It is the turquoise tee length with all the sparkles and sequins that won over our princess. She will look like she is fresh off the pages of Cinderella.
Trying on so many dresses can work up an appetite in anyone. I think you must treat yourself to everything so sweet. They shared a mountain of ice cream, a gigantic chocolate pizza cookie, and a cold cherry icee.
When she arrived home in her carriage she was fast a sleep.


  1. Hello!! I haven't been by here for a while. I love your blog and seeing your incredible family! Miss you friend~Kim

  2. the 'Burg Kim-lol


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