Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goose Island Camping Trip

We camped on Warbler Way, camp site #132

A Mesquite Tree
The leaves are feathery like

I think this is a Gulf Coast Ribbon

Lauren was the only one to catch fish. She caught 2 Black Drum.

Micah with the butterfly net.

Taking a break on the swings.

This park had great climbing trees.

Not sure the type of plant, but I loved the leaves. They had a curly, wavy type appearance.

This flower looked like a butterfly to me.

The Big Tree
1,000 yr old tree

Retrieving our letterbox. It was a kitty cat stamp.

Micah caught a stingray.

The girls fishing.
If you enjoy birding, this is a great place. Some of the birds we saw were: Titmouse, Brown Thrasher, Worm eating Warbler, Hooded Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Gray Catbird, Black and White Warbler, Northern Cardinal (male and female), Indigo Bunting, White Wing Dove, Mourning Dove, Hummingbird, American Redstart, House Sparrow, Yellow Warbler, Redwing Blackbird, Chipping Sparrow.
I have decided to make birding notebooks for the kids. Every bird they see we will print a picture of it and they can cut it out, paste it in their notebook, and label it with it's name and the date they saw it. Each Spring I hope for us to add many more birds. I hope through this we will gain a knowledge of birds, learn to pay close attention to detail, admire the beauty of God's creation, and build many 'together' moments.

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  1. Goose Island is a great place-I'm so glad you didn't get rained out! We'll have to plan for our families to go together this summer. We usually put the camper on the bulkhead and fish waaaaay late. I must say Lexi is the cutest baby!! She looks like a little doll~miss you friend!


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