Monday, August 24, 2009

Come on Lexi

Well just finished planning the end of Sept, all of Oct activities for the kids. Need Lexi to hurry so I can be rested enough for us to attend it all.

Sept 27 - Australian Circus at Discovery Green
Oct 2 - How Nanita learned to make flan (put on by Houston Grand Opera)
Oct 8 - Around the World / Chinese Culture through Dance
Oct 10 - Fire Festival / Antique Cars and Fire trucks (Micah is going to love this one!)
Oct 13 - Around the World / African Folklore and Fairytales
Oct 17 - International Festival
Oct 23 - Cirque Mechanics
Oct 29 - Around the World / Story of the Lone Star State

and somewhere in there fit in the Dewberry Farm for the pig races, corn maze, pumpkin patch and more.....

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